Tips to Add Fiber-rich Foods to Your Diet

  1. Make sure your diet contains these high-fiber foods: whole-grain cereals and flours, brown rice, agar agar, all kinds of bran, most fresh fruit, dried prunes, nuts, seeds (especially flaxseeds), beans, lentils, peas, and fresh raw vegetables. Since vegetables and fruits contain so much water, they provide less total dietary fiber per ounce, making grains and cereals the most concentrated sources of total fiber.Beans
  2. Eat several of these foods daily.
  3. When eating organic produce, leave the skin on apples and potatoes.
  4. Coat chicken in corn bran or oats for baking.
  5. Add extra bran to cereals and breads.
  6. Eat breads made with sprouted grains. They have greater nutritional value, including more essential protein, fiber and B vitamins and fewer carbohydrates. They taste better when toasted.
  7. Unsalted, unbuttered popcorn is also excellent for added fiber.

You should ideally obtain fiber from the food you eat, but while you are trying to reach your target weight, soluble fiber can be useful taken in the form of a fiber supplement.

The soluble fiber supplement Glucomannan serves this purpose best. Its weight loss and health benefits include:

  • Glucomannan can help you eat fewer calories, leading to a negative caloric balance. This is one of the principle ways in which you are going to lose weight and get rid of your unwanted fat forever.
  • Glucomannan has the unique ability to instantly satisfy your hunger because it can be easily added to foods to make them thicker and heavier without increasing calories. It allows you to enjoy each meal just a little longer and stimulates your digestive system’s signals of fullness.
  • Glucomannan prevents glucose levels from dropping, thanks to the slower and sustained release of nutrients into the bloodstream.
  • It neutralizes the insulin response so that insulin can’t make you hungry after a meal.
  • Glucomannan supplementation will increase stool frequency slightly. You’ll pass more calories through your stool because glucomannan has soaked up all those calories and moved them out slowly.
  • Apart from the research into its role in weight reduction, glucomannan has been studied for its positive effects on blood cholesterol, blood glucose, insulin resistance syndrome, and blood pressure. By lowering blood glucose to a normal level, glucomannan has also helped many people who have an increased risk of diabetes or those who have diabetes already.
  • It can be helpful for reducing allergic reactions.
  • Always take supplemental fiber separately from other medications or supplements. Otherwise, it can lessen their strength and effectiveness.

The bottom line is: whole food nutrition leads to easy weight loss. Also, the body has the ability to heal itself if it’s given the proper combination of whole foods.