Weight Loss Programs that Deliver Results

The purpose of this site is to point you in the right direction when choosing an on-line weight loss program to follow. We are guided by our understanding that weight management is a lifelong process, not a quick fix.

Popular magazines, newspapers, TV programs and weight loss websites feature amazing, new, best and fastest methods to lose weight. Diet pills and supplements are being promoted. Endorsements are trying to convince us that a diet is legitimate and worth trying. But how can we tell if a weight loss program will be successful or it will fail us?

Here are some general guidelines to help you avoid unrealistic and unhealthy weight loss programs and products:

  • Look for a scientific basis for the claims.
  • Avoid extremely low calorie and little protein diets that may cause rapid weight loss, but the weight won’t stay off. They cause the body to lose lean muscle tissue, which leads to slowing the metabolic rate and that, in turn, results in weight gain.
  • Choose a weight loss program that combines exercise and a healthy, well-balanced diet made up of the basic food groups.
  • Avoid weight loss programs featuring complicated dieting rules and unrealistic expectations, which can result in failure and frustration. Sometimes small changes could make a big difference that will encourage you to continue with your weight management efforts.
  • Avoid detoxification diets and allow your body’s organs to remove toxins or consult a doctor.

To save you time and money, this site will recommend on-line weight loss programs that comply with the above guidelines and offer:

  • Excellent value for money.
  • Diet and fitness features of highly customized nature for both women and men.
  • Expert advice from fitness, nutrition and motivation experts to help improve the overall health and longevity of its members.
  • Different Healthy Living programs for those with special needs.
  • Flexible guides for eating out and advice on how to shop for healthy and wholesome ingredients.
  • Structure and interactive facilities.
  • Community support features.

Following a weight loss program based on physical activity and healthy eating, will teach you how to integrate weight control into your daily routines. Only slow and steady changes result in lasting success!