How Hypnosis Can Help You Lose Weight

Like many other things in life, weight loss begins in the mind. As we know, old habits die hard. They do not respond to orders and we need more than willpower to overcome them.

Luckily, hypnosis can help you beat the negative habits and replace them with positive ones.

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness usually achieved with the help of a licensed/certified hypnotherapist, specially trained in hypnotherapy, using verbal repetition and mental images.

Hypnotherapy is a technique that uses the hypnotic state, which enables changes in perception and memory, and a major increase in response to suggestions, including behavioral changes that can help you lose weight. It can instil positive messages in your subconscious, replacing the negative ones by using intense concentration and focused attention.

Hypnosis is by far the safest, most researched and effective way for you to stick to the eating plan you have chosen. When you are completely relaxed and open to suggestion, you will find it easy to change self-destructive behavior and stay with a weight-loss program. Hypnosis will help you learn to think like a thin person and to make healthy food and lifestyle choices.

Hypnosis will help you get rid of boredom eating, binge eating, and emotional eating. It will assist you in changing attitudes towards food and health, and in developing healthy long-term patterns of eating. It will help you enjoy healthy cooking and maintain motivation for weight loss over a long period of time.

Self-hypnosis is extensively used in hypnotherapy today. It can be carried out in the form of a learned routine, or in the form of listening to a hypnotic recording, e.g. on a self-hypnosis CD or MP3.

Hypnosis can be an ideal addition to behavioral weight management programs, which tend to need supplementation to achieve long-term results.

Treatment using hypnosis is not a quick and easy way out of weight troubles. In order to experience the benefits from its use, it must be practiced on a regular basis for a significant period of time.

Finally, hypnosis composes one part of what should be an integrated weight loss program. It may help you lose weight when it is used along with other weight loss methods such as diet and exercise. In fact, hypnosis helps you closely follow your diet, a key to successful weight loss. To learn more, click here.