Exercise for Weight Loss and Health

Rollerblading GirlNo weight loss regime or healthy lifestyle would be complete without the addition of exercise.

Learn about the benefits of exercise and how to make the most of it for a healthy weight loss. Exercise helps you eat less, speeds up fat burn, protects against muscle loss, and improves self-esteem and breathing efficiency. Active people lose weight more easily and keep it off.

Find out what to do before you start to exercise. The first step toward getting in shape is having your fitness evaluated - your heart rate, body fat, strength and flexibility, your overall health history.

Learn how to stay injury-free while exercising for health and weight-loss. Cross-training (varying your exercise activities) is a good way to avoid knee pain. Abdominal and back exercises can do a lot to prevent back pain. Always lift and bend with your legs, not your back, when lifting and carrying anything. When you lift weights or use a stair-climber, take care not to lock your elbows. Remember to breathe while lifting weights.