Nutrisystem Weight Loss Diet Delivery Program

Nutrisystem is easy, effective, proven, and last but not least, it is affordable. The Nutrisystem Diet Delivery Meal Plan is your way to stay healthy for the rest of your life. It’s created by weight loss professionals, and backed by real results. No more feeling hungry! Nutrisystem®™ is nutritionally balanced and designed to help control hunger. Enjoy foods you love, lose weight and control type 2 diabetes with a combination of healthy nutrition and great food.

Nutrisystem offers truly outstanding benefits:

  • It’s an easy-to-follow, easy-to-stay-on and convenient healthy weight loss program, based on a completely structured 28-day diet meal plan, featuring foods with low-glycemic carbohydrates and protein to help you feel full longer.
  • It's clinically tested. It is the first prepared foods program that totally integrates low Glycemic Index carbohydrates into a low fat meal plan, a unique combination that helps support stable blood sugar levels more than ever before. Eating low-GI meals 4 to 5 times a day helps reduce those cravings between meals and keeps your blood sugar and metabolism stable, so your body burns more calories more effectively.
  • Because Nutrisystem creators know that nourishing your entire self extends beyond just what you eat, the Nutrisystem program also includes their Mindset Makeover behavior modification guide created with the help of renowned weight management expert Gary Foster, Ph.D.
  • It is a heart-healthy diet meal plan that is low in fat, low in saturated fats, and low in cholesterol and high in soluble fiber.
  • The wonderful variety of Nutrisystem food makes losing weight enjoyable.
  • It teaches you portion control and how to be a smart eater, thus helping you keep the weight off.
  • The Nutrisystem diet meal plan meets, and in many cases, exceeds the US government standards for healthy eating.
  • It provides approximately 55% of the calories from low-glycemic, good carbohydrates, 25% of the calories from protein, and 20% of the calories from fat.
  • Nutrisystem offers 7 programs:
    • Women’s Program
    • Men’s Program
    • Women’s Silver Program
    • Men’s Silver Program
    • Women’s Type II Diabetic Program
    • Men’s Type II Diabetic Program
    • Vegetarian Program
  • It fits easily into your busy lifestyle:
    • You choose your plan and receive delicious, pre-portioned restaurant-style food delivered right to your door. Shipping is free.
    • You can take your food wherever you go - it’s packaged for portability.
    • No need to freeze it – just heat it up in a microwave.
  • You can completely customize your order with the help of Nutrisystem counselor
  • You will gain FREE access to a whole website of weight loss motivation:
    • Unlimited counseling and support services whenever you need them.
    • Online newsletter, bulletin boards, chat rooms and classes.
    • Online tools to track your progress.
    • Weight loss news and articles.
    • Exercise advice from certified trainers.
    • Nutritional Advice from Registered Dietitians.

The Nutrisystem plan features "good carbs" (low glycemic), but it is not a low-carb meal plan.

It is not suitable for people with peanut allergy or vegans.

Nutrisystem’s active online community has 4,609,120 members and growing!

Every day, people’s dream weight is reached with Nutrisystem diet meal delivery plan. Sign up and be one of them! Nutrisystem’s offer is backed by a money back guarantee.

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