Find Your Body Type

Finding your body type is essential for effective and healthy weight loss.

There are four body types, each of which refers to a different gland-hormonal weakness.

Everybody should know about his or her body type and its triggers.

Supplements, specifically engineered for each body type can cleanse, detox, nourish and assist burning fat.

Having a correct plan for each body type helps people change the way they look at calories, hormones, and fat-burning and provides a fast and effective way to lose weight and keep the weight off. educates people on how to achieve healthy long-lasting weight loss.

It is backed by the research of Dr. Eric Berg, best-selling author and founder of the Berg Institute for Health and Wellness.

His book “The 7 Principles of Fat Burning” is a number 1 best-seller on It looks closely at the hormone connection to how fat is burned.

Dr. Berg has helped 36,000 people find their body type and lose weight.

The weight loss program is set up in two phases: detox and fat-burning.

Adrenal Body Type

If you are the Adrenal Body Type, your body can’t handle stress. The production of the hormone cortisol is increased to assist you with handling stress and survival which results in the production of belly fat.

This is the most challenging body type due to this imbalance. It starts because of toxins that prevent it from handling stress.

Adrenal types are always solving problems and have dark circles under their eyes. They crave chocolate and salty foods and develop an addiction for stimulants like caffeine and energy drinks. All this triggers fat storage in their stomach, face and other parts of their body.

They develop chronic arthritis.

The adrenal type can get worse following a low-calorie diet with exercise.

The first weight loss step for this body type is to remove the toxins from the body that are blocking natural fat-burning.

Taking Dr. Berg’s total body cleansing supplement Revivatox can unblock fat-burning hormones.

Liver Body Type

This body type is most common in men, but women have it as well. The predominant characteristic is a “pot belly” symptom - swelling in the abdomen which is due to accumulated toxins in the liver.

The Liver Types experience weight gain and protrusion of the gut. Their legs become thinner. They may develop right shoulder pain and may experience some back stiffness in the morning. They crave deep fried foods and tend to stay up late at night. The liver types have increased appetite.

Symptoms also include high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The first step for Liver Body Type is to remove the toxins that are blocking natural fat-burning before long-term weight loss can be realized. The next phase is fat-burning.

Dr. Berg’s Liver Type Supplement taken with Revivatox is formulated to put into your body the nutrition it needs.

Ovary Body Type

The main characteristic is a “hip and belly fat”.

Fat develops around the ovaries due to unhealthy estrogen levels and creates more estrogen.The weight loss goals compete in this vicious circle.

Menstrual cycles are painful with excessive bleeding. Menopausal women get night sweats, bleeding or dryness and hot flushes.

They have cellulite dimples on their stomach and thighs.

TheOvary Types may experience pain in the lower back and the back seat joints.

They crave dairy and creamy foods.

Sugar, which has a toxic effect on the body, triggers the Ovary Type.

Physical exercise is beneficial to this body type.

The first weight loss step, as with the other body types, is flushing the toxins from the body. Taking Dr.Berg’s total body cleansing agent Revivatox serves this purpose best.

Thyroid Body Type

The predominant characteristic is “weight all over” due, most likely, to a stubborn or slowed metabolism. The type of fat that is accumulated is spongy, waste-like product.

The Thyroid Types may notice some hair loss. They may start losing the outer part of their eyebrows and may get loose skin under their chin and arms.

Their nails may become brittle. They will have some constipation and cold feet.

They crave “quick energy sources” like breads, pasta, cereals, crackers and those types of foods.

They will experience chronic fatigue and a feeling of depression.

The worst foods for the Thyroid Type are sugared carbohydrates.

As with the other Body Types, the toxins that are blocking the body’s natural fat burning process must be removed. Dr. Berg recommends Revivatox for this purpose.