Lose Body Fat, not Weight

by Maria on October 21, 2010

When you lose weight, you lose water, lean body mass (mostly muscle) and storage body fat.

We all need some essential body fat for healthy functioning. In men, essential (as opposed to storage fat) is approximately 2-4 percent of body weight; in women, it’s about 10-12 percent.

During the early weeks of weight loss at least 75 percent of the weight you lose should be fat and not more than 25 percent should come from lean body mass. As you continue to lose weight, especially if you do regular weight bearing exercises, about 90 percent of the weight loss should be fat and only 10 percent should come from lean body mass. Proper hydration must be maintained to replace lost water.

People on low carb diet tend to lose only about 35 percent of their weight as fat. Those who perform aerobic exercise and weight lifting while dieting lost 97 percent of their weight as body fat.

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