Good Fat Rich Diet for Healthy Weight Loss

by Maria on April 29, 2015

“No diet will remove all the fat from your body because the brain is entirely fat. Without a brain, you might look good, but all you could do is run for public office”. George, Bernard Shaw Have you noticed that good fats are getting good press these days? And you are probably thinking: “Fat? Isn’t […]


Sleep for Health and Weight Loss

by Maria on January 31, 2014

“Sleep is God. Go worship.” -Jim Bucher- New York Times best-selling author Research ties quality, and quantity of sleep to weight loss, better weight control, and better health. How Sleep Can Affect your Health, and your Ability to Lose Weight Getting less than 6.5 hours, and more than 8.5 hours of sleep has been linked […]


Stand up to Lose Weight, and Stay Healthy

by Maria on January 27, 2014

Research has concluded that in our modern sedentary culture we sit way too much. Science has also highlighted the obvious remedy  to be included in your exercise program: standing! Why Sitting is a Dangerous Health Threat Above all, the human body is built for movement, not for sitting still. Alarmingly, the latest research links the […]


Want to Lose Weight? Turn off the lights!

by Maria on December 26, 2013

It’s a fact that thermogenic processes in the body—including exertion through exercise and activity, generating heat in reaction to cold temperatures, digestion of food, and sleeping —raise metabolic rate, and cause the body to burn calories. Why is night-time darkness crucial for weight loss? New research indicates that the sleep-promoting hormone melatonin, whose levels usually […]


Lose Weight, Feel and Look Great with Avocado

by Maria on December 19, 2013

Avocado is a nutrient-dense, and a metabolism-enhancing food, worth adding to your healthy weight loss plan, if you want to lose weight, stay healthy and look great! To illustrate, nutrient-dense foods are those foods that provide vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and other substances that may have positive health effects, with relatively few calories. They minimize, […]


Lose Weight and Stay Healthy with Oats

by Maria on December 17, 2013

If you are serious about losing weight and staying healthy, you should consider including oats in your weight loss diet plan. How this Whole Grain Can Help you Lose Weight Oats have more soluble fiber than any other whole grain. The fiber in oats: Helps you feel full by triggering  hormones associated with fullness; Reduces […]


High in dietary fiber, low-fat protein, vitamins, and minerals, bulgur is an excellent addition to your low-calorie meal plan that offers bulk, and nutrients to fill you up and, therefore, eat less and lose weight. What is Bulgur? Bulgur is what’s left after wheat kernels have been steamed, dried, and crushed. In fact, making wheat […]


In biblical times water was the healthiest drink available, just as clean water is part of a healthy weight loss diet nowadays. “Daniel then said to the guard, whom the chief official had appointed over Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah, ‘Please test your servants for ten days: Give us nothing but vegetables to eat and […]


How to Speed up your Metabolism

by Maria on October 31, 2013

What is metabolism? Simply put, metabolism is the process of turning the food you eat into energy. In fact, every cell in your body plays a role in the process of turning the food you eat into energy that keeps your heart beating, lungs pumping, and muscles moving. The faster your metabolism, the more calories […]


Fat-Burning Comfort Foods

by Maria on October 15, 2013

Believe it or not, some foods that soothe your souls and delight your taste buds, can help you burn body fat and lose weight as well! Here are some of the fat-burning comfort foods: Hot chocolate Science has shown that cocoa in hot chocolate contains antioxidants, which can  reduce the levels of the stress hormone […]


Reflections on Body Fat Burning Diet

by Maria on October 11, 2013

Did you know that there’s a definite difference between losing weight and losing fat? Well, experts suggest that to lose weight means to lose muscle, water and fat. But if so, is that what we want? The fact is, we want is to lose fat and keep the muscle because muscle requires more calories to […]

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Capsiplex is said to be an effective, all natural weight loss supplement with no negative side effects. How does it Work? We learn from the manufacturers that this top weight loss supplement is supposed to boost your metabolism, help you burn fat and calories quicker, increase your energy, and suppress your appetite. What are its […]