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Lose Weight and Stay Healthy with Ginseng

Lose Weight and Stay Healthy with Ginseng

by Maria on December 29, 2013

This 5000 year old healer has traditionally been used as a restorative tonic to increase energy, stamina, and well being. In the past few decades, however, ginseng has been found highly effective for weight loss as well.

Here’s How Ginseng Works When Included in your Weight Loss Plan:

Ginseng can help you lose weight fast by:

  • Revving up your metabolism, which will allow you to eat the same amount of food, but have less excess calories to be converted into fat;
  • Reducing fatigue and boosting your energy and physical endurance, and as a result, helping you maintain physical stamina during a strenuous, and/or longer workout;
  • Fighting stress, and in this way, reducing the levels of the weight gain-contributing hormone cortisol;
  • Detoxifying your body;
  • Its ability to inhibit differentiation in the cells that store energy as fat.

Experts suggest, however, that only certain types of ginseng contain weight-loss properties. For instance, according to the University of Maryland medical research team, Panax ginseng is the one that can help you lose weight. Siberian ginseng might be a great nerve tonic, but does not have much potential to facilitate weight loss. The types of ginseng that belong to the Panax species include Chinese, Korean and American ginseng.

Although both American and Asian ginseng can promote weight loss, they have opposite ways of working.

  • American ginseng cools down the body, relieves stress and works better than its Asian relative when it comes to increasing physical stamina.
  • Asian ginseng, warms the body, keeps the brain alert and beats American ginseng at enhancing metabolism.

An important point to remember:  A healthy diet and regular exercise are key to effective, long-term weight control. Using ginseng alone will not suffice!

Health Benefits of Ginseng

The botanical name of ginseng panax means ‘all curing’ in Greek.

For at least 5000 years Ginseng has been one of the foundations of healing in Chinese medicine. Ancient Chinese believed that regular consumption of ginseng led to a long and happy life.

In modern-day research, the therapeutic benefits of ginseng have been widely studied in major health institutes, all over the world.

In fact, ginseng has been scientifically proven to strengthen the immune system, and to cure, prevent, or assist in the healing of over 20 major ailments, including diabetes, tumors, depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, impotence, fatigue, and even radiation sickness. 

What is more, in recent laboratory studies, researchers have found that, with its ability to promote oxidation, ginseng works to stimulate and improve the working of the brain, and consequently, to improve memory, increase learning, and slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s.

Scientific research suggests that ginseng can, also, play a significant part in lowering levels of “bad” (LDL) cholesterol, and increasing the levels of “good” (HDL) cholesterol, and by doing so, reducing the risk of heart disease. Plus, the saponins in ginseng have been proven to reduce hardening of the arteries.

And more to the point, ginseng has been found to strengthen the gastrointestinal system, facilitate liver regeneration, and help detoxify poisons in your body.

And last, but not least, Japanese researchers have found that ginseng’s antioxidant powers are so strong, that laboratory-grown cancer cells revert back to normal, healthy cells, when treated with ginseng extracts.

A word of caution!Please note that the information in this blog is for educational purposes only. You should always consult with a licensed doctor before starting any diet, exercise, or weight loss supplementation program!

And finally, it is no wonder that Chinese herbalists have always said, “A person would rather take a handful of ginseng than whole cartload of gold and jewels.”

Today, as we find out more and more about the health and weight loss beneficial effects of ginseng, this old saying begins to make that look like quite a bargain! Two thumbs up!


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