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Capsiplex – a Powerful Synergistic Formula for Quick and Easy Weight Loss

Capsiplex – a Powerful Synergistic Formula for Quick and Easy Weight Loss

by Maria on November 18, 2012

Capsiplex is said to be an effective, all natural weight loss supplement with no negative side effects.

How does it Work?
We learn from the manufacturers that this top weight loss supplement is supposed to boost your metabolism, help you burn fat and calories quicker, increase your energy, and suppress your appetite.

What are its Ingredients and their Weight Loss and Health Benefits?

  1. Capsicum extract, sometimes referred to as Cayenne, is one of the strongest natural stimulants without the threatening side effects (palpitations, hyper-activity or rise in blood pressure).

Weight loss benefits:

  • Increases metabolism.
  • Reduces appetite.
  • Burns fat.
  • Increases energy levels.

Health benefits:

  • Improves blood circulation, which speeds healing and can have a positive effect on vision, thinking and memory.
  • Normalizes blood pressure.
  • Reduces the risk of respiratory disease and enhances cardiovascular performance.
  • Improves digestive system.
  • Stimulates organ secretion.
  • Reduces blood cholesterol and triglyceride and glucose levels.
  • Reduces fat accumulation in the liver.
  • Causes the brain to secrete more endorphins.
  • It is a very high source of Vitamins A and C, B complex, and is rich in organic calcium and potassium.

2. Caffeine – a stimulant and an appetite suppressant.

Health and weight loss benefits:

  • Has a thermogenic effect (generating energy in cells).
  • Increases resting energy expenditure and fat oxidation.
  • Increases alertness and concentration.

3. Niacin (Vitamin B3)

Weight loss benefits:

  • Hampers the production of fatty cells.
  • Helps in releasing energy from carbohydrates, proteins and fats, making the body utilize them more efficiently.

Health benefits:

  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Decreases LDL cholesterol levels.
  • Raises HDL cholesterol levels.

4. Piperine (black pepper extract)

Weight loss benefits:

  • Helps the full absorption of all the nutrients of the Capsiplex formula.
  • Has a thermogenic effect.

Health benefits:

  • It is said to help in the production of the mood enhancing and pain relieving neurotransmitter serotonin.
  • May be helpful in reducing inflammation, improving digestion and relieving pain and asthma.
  • May relieve stomach ulcerations.

According to the manufacturer:

  1. The unique Capsiplex formula is backed by 30+ years of research, studies and human trials.
  2. Its individual components have shown to have antioxidant effects and to improve exercise endurance and performance. What is more, they boost oxygen uptake after exercise, to make recovery faster.
  3. Capsiplax is cost effective and convenient. Just by taking one Capsiplax tablet a day, you will burn 278 calories each day, while you are getting on with your life!
  4. Capsiplex’s patented blending system and pH-sensitive outer coating gives users the maximum effectiveness of a highly concentrated capsicum extract without any irritation to the mouth or stomach.
  5. This safe, effective and healthy weight loss supplement is clinically proven and worldwide celebrity used and endorsed.
  6. Results will vary depending on how much time and effort you put in.

Final thoughts: In my opinion it is worth giving Capsiplex a try.

Let me know what you think, okay?

And remember: Weight loss products don’t work without lifestyle changes. Most of them work when combined with a healthy diet and exercise program. Think of them as aids – not substitutes – for your weight loss program!

As always, you should consult with a licensed doctor before starting any diet, exercise or weight loss supplementation program.

Good luck!




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